August 28-31, 2023

Paradise Hotel, Busan, Korea

Robot Design Competitions

The Robot Design Competition builds on the conference theme of Designing a New Bridge for H-R-I. Entrants developed interactive robotic objects to enhance humans’ H (health, happiness, and hope), R (recovery and reconnection), and/or I (interface and interaction).

Their goal was to identify and focus on a specific interaction context, develop their own interactive robotic objects, and create scenarios to illustrate how their robots fit within the lives of the humans involved, with an emphasis on sharing their design process/journey.


There are 3 opportunities to experience and engage with the Robot Design Competition:

Aug 29–31 Project posters will be on display in the Lobby of Ballroom 2F
Aug 30 Project presentations in Grand Ballroom 2F from 10:20 am–12:10 pm
Interactive poster session in the Lobby of Ballroom 2F from 12:10 pm–12:50pm
Aug 31 Awards will be presented during the Closing Ceremony at 11:50 am


Team Affiliation Submission Submission Link
Shouren Huang, Sune Lundø Sørensen, Yongpeng Cao Tokyo University of Science, University of Southern Denmark, The University of Tokyo Robotic Assistance to Reconnect the Daily Life Interactions for Sensing, Locomotion and Manipulation from Paralysis Submission
Dominique Deuff, Ioana Ocnarescu, Isabelle Milleville, Pablo Felipe Osorio Marin, Gentiane Venture Orange, Strate Research, LS2N, The University of Tokyo Intelligent Guide in the Mall: Machine or Co-Worker? Submission
Run Shan, Huijia Xu, Qiyi Fu, Xiaohua Sun Tongji University Ask the Mall Guide: Where to Take Photos? Submission
Hisham Khalil, Pablo Osorio, Daisuke Takamatsu, Akiyoshi Hayashi, Gentiane Venture The University of Tokyo, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology Can a Robject Express Moods in Long-Distance Relationships? Submission
Yuxin Zhao, Kechun Li, Jihang Li, Yuge Bai, Xiaohua Sun Tongji University Interaction Design for the Home Robotic Desk Using Feedforward-Feedback BidirectionalLoop Submission
Jing Li, Pinhao Wang, Emilia Barakova, Jun Hu Eindhoven University of Technology Petting Pen for Stress Awareness and Management in Children Submission
Wooin Jang, Dabin Lee, Huisung Lee UNIST Book Toki : Interactive Reading Mate Robot Submission
Antonio Galiza Cerdeira Gonzalez, Ikuo Mizuuchi Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology Social Plantroid: Turning Plants into Pets Submission
Seoyeon Yoon Seoul National University Design and Development of a Patting Robot for Infant Caregivers Submission
Seungbin Jeong, Jin-young Moon, Minjae Sung, Yongseop Kwon, Hui Sung Lee UNIST PO’ME: A Dog-Type Social Robot for Motivating Children's Reading Activities Submission
Adrian Anhuaman, Carlos Granados, Itala Latorre, Sebastian Chion, William Meza Pontifical Catholic University of Peru Yachabot: Interactive Blocks for Learning Math Submission


Winners will be announced during the Closing Ceremony. A jury of RO-MAN community luminaries will select winners in 2 categories, A: Design Process and B: Final Designs, each receiving a $500 prize.