August 28-31, 2023

Paradise Hotel, Busan, Korea

Inclusion RO-MAN

We are committed to making RO-MAN and the field of Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) inclusive and accessible to all. Toward this goal, we are taking the following actions:

A fee waiver program to reduce financial barriers to participation at RO-MAN 2023

Furthermore, we acknowledge that attendees reside in different time zones, may have caregiving/other responsibilities, less reliable access to the internet, or lack quiet private space to participate during the scheduled timing of the event.

We aim to offer:
- Only applies to online registration (Not applicable if you attend in person).
- When you register online(as an author), a free access to the system will be provided.
- You will need to submit student verification(student ID) and/or certificate of employment from your current institution in Sri Lanka.
- If you do not attend online(no-show), your paper will not be on the proceedings.

Eligibility: You must meet at least one of the following:
· Reside in a country that is on the IEEE list of countries available for reduced registration fees  https://www.ieee.org/membership/join/emember-countries.html
· Have a special circumstance that restricts you from having the means to attend or afford the conference (e.g., insufficient income, retired, unemployed, permanently disabled, or other). Circumstances are taken from https://www.ieee.org/membership/special-circumstances.html but are not limited to these.
· Be a researcher or student who will be a first time RO-MAN attendee (Only applies to graduate school, bachelor degree students are not applicable).
All data will be anonymized after the conference.
Further specifics will be decided later on as the register begins.

Inclusion Chairs of IEEE RO-MAN 2023
Prof. Ho Seok Ahn, University of Auckland
Prof. Chandimal Jayawardena, Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology
Prof. Lafifa Jamal, University of Dhaka

If you have any feedback or suggestions, please contact the Inclusion chairs of IEEE RO-MAN 2023, Prof. Ho Seok Ahn at hs.ahn@auckland.ac.nz, Prof. Chandimal Jayawardena at chandimal.j@sliit.lk, and Prof. Lafifa Jamal at lafifa@du.ac.bd.